Double Cross is the new Switch game from the Runbow developer


13AM Games is simultaneously straying from and sticking to what it knows for its next game. Like Runbow, Double Cross is a cartoon-styled platformer. But, speed isn’t the objective. Instead, this concerns itself with mystery.

Double Cross follows Zahra, who’s an employee of the Regulators of Interdimensional Frontiers and Technology (RIFT). An attack on the RIFT HQ has Zahra traveling to other dimensions to piece together clues in hopes of finding the culprit. As the name implies, it seems highly likely that the mastermind is working within the ranks of RIFT.

Each dimension acts as its own stage, and players are free to visit them in any order they wish. The stages are themed differently. In a half-hour GDC demo in March, we saw a part that was heavily geared toward platforming and light beat-’em-up mechanics. However, we were told that other stages tend to lean more toward puzzles.

Along the way, there are a bunch of secret-ish optional areas that house collectibles. These pickups (conveniently called Upgradium) are useful for upgrading Zahra with new technologies. Our brief demo didn’t extrapolate on these systems too much, but it seems as if players will be able to unlock abilities that might influence what order they may want to play the stages.

13AM isn’t waiting long between reveal and release. The developer says it’s aiming for a summer launch on PC and Switch. 

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