Don't miss Gene in High on Life: he's right in front of your house

Don’t miss Gene in High on Life: he’s right in front of your house

It’s really easy to pass him

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One of the first total quests you’ll be taking on in High on Life is becoming a bounty hunter. To do that you’ll need to take over Gene’s gear from when he was a household name: which gives you the powers befitting of a first-person shooter. Here’s where to find him.

Gene is right in front of your house, before you get to the main parts of the town

The very first scenes in High on Life take place on Earth: before it’s invaded by alien lifeforms. Using the power of a talking gun, you’ll warp out of there and onto a new planet, which hosts: Blim City, the main hub of the game.

After walking out of your house, you’ll want to find Gene and get this show on the road. Go left facing away from the house, then veer right and go on the walkway that connects the two paths. Gene will be laying on a bench right there. Talk to him and agree to everything, and the campaign will start, as your job as a bounty hunter is now secured.

As a reminder, don’t sweat the choices with Gene, who is the source of many player-driven dialogue options in the game. While we won’t spoil them here since you probably need early game help: you can if you want!

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