Don’t let Hitman’s fifth elusive target slip by you in Marrakesh

If you’ve kept up, you’ll have a new suit waiting for you

There’s an arms dealer hanging out in Hitman: Marrakesh this weekend that needs Agent 47’s attention. They call him The Gunrunner, and he’s the fifth elusive target in the episodic game to date.

He’ll be around through Sunday, July 3 at which point he will depart for good, so there’s time left to get a lay of the land if you’re still working through Morocco. Shoot, I haven’t even started yet!

If and when you take out five targets, you’ll unlock 47’s signature suit from Absolution with gloves.

Keep it up, and eventually you can earn the coveted Blood Money suit and other rewards.

Elusive Target #5 [Hitman]

Jordan Devore
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