Doctor Lautrec and the Knights of Oblivion coming to 3DS

Konami has revealed a brand new game that will be joining Metal Gear Solid 3 and LovePlus on the 3DS. It boasts the rather tantalizing title, Doctor Lautrec and the Knights of the Oblivion. It’s said to be an adventure game, but not a huge deal more is known. 

Lautrec will boast a visual style similar to Professor Layton and stars a character with a big top hat. It’ll be centered around archeology and boasts four gameplay modes — events, battle, exploration and conversation. 

No images of the game have been revealed to the Internet yet. We’ll update once we find some. 

Konami Introduces Doctor Lautrec And The Knights Of Oblivion In New 3DS Game [Siliconera]

Jim Sterling