DNF Duel gives us a glimpse of its loreriffic story mode

dnf duel story mode trailer striker

A Striker, a Berserker, and a Dragon Knight walk into a bar…

Publisher Nexon has released a very short video offering the first glimpses of the story mode for its upcoming fighter, DNF Duel. The anime scrapper, which launches on PlayStation and PC next month, will see the classes of MMO Dungeon Fighter Online gather for some solid one-on-one slugfestin’

Even from this short video, we can already see that DNF Duel will feature the deep lore and delightful melodrama of its MMO source material. In the clip, we see Berserker going, umm, berserk, the spritely Striker dodging trouble in the woods, and the noble Dragon Knight having a bit of a lie-down. The scenes have full voice acting and sport some very nice, comic-book style artwork. In addition, the new trailer also includes a look at a gallery mode, as well as an in-game glossary — no doubt to help newcomers get up to speed in the world of Dungeon Fighter Online.

DNF Duel, first revealed back in the winter of 2020, has spent the past year turning heads with its dramatic and action-packed trailers, rad character designs, and promises of enthralling battles powered by silky-smooth rollback connections. Recent betas, (poorly timed to coincide with other popular betas and game releases), did not exactly set the FGC alight, but many players found enjoyment in DNF Duel‘s specific brand of fantasy carnage. Having covered the title every step of the way since its initial reveal, I’m very anxious to check out the scrappy underdog in its final form.

DNF Duel launches on PlayStation and PC June 28.

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