(Update) DNF Duel is getting a new open beta on PlayStation this weekend

Round 2 kicks off on Friday

[Update: Just a reminder that the DNF Duel beta is live on PlayStation right now! Have fun, it’s wild!]

As previously predicted, publisher Nexon has announced a second open beta for its upcoming anime fighting title DNF Duel. Following on from its previous demo efforts in the tail-end of 2021, the fun-looking scrapper will be available to test drive on PlayStation platforms this coming weekend.

Nexon did not reveal a lot of details pertaining to the new beta, but we can probably expect it to feature online-only battles, given that the core goal of the demo is to stress test DNF Duel‘s snazzy rollback netcode abilities. We do know that the recently revealed character Ghost Blade will be available, suggesting that the entirety of DNF Duel’s officially revealed roster to date will be selectable.

Back in December, the DNF Duel beta was unfortunately timed to coincide with the beta for SNK’s The King of Fighters XV, which led to a lot of people not finding the opportunity to give the fledgling Arc System Works/Eighting fighter a go. While this week brings with it a lot of fighting game updates — including the Street Fighter V “definitive update” and Guilty Gear Strive‘s final season one character, Testament, hopefully, the FGC will find a few hours to jump on the DNF Duel bandwagon, as it really isn’t looking too shabby a title at this early stage.

The beta goes live on Friday, April 1 and will run until the afternoon of Monday, April 4.

DNF Duel launches on PlayStation and PC June 28.

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