Disco Elysium adds a Collage Mode for making dioramas in Martinaise

Disco Elysium Collage mode

Take a picture with Cuno

ZA/UM has added a new way of looking at its 2019 RPG Disco Elysium. Collage Mode arrives for PC in a new update today, allowing players to place, pose, and snap pics of their favorite Disco Elysium characters.

The new Collage Mode is out now on PC, with console platforms expected to receive the update in the coming days. That includes PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and the Switch version.

Through Collage, players can make a scene anywhere around Martinaise. Full access to characters, environments, and effects will be unlocked, creating plenty of potential for what-if meetings or situations.

There are framings for special looks too, like the Visual Calculus effect. Custom dialogue will also let you essentially create the Disco Elysium fic you’ve wanted. On top of that, there are “bonus secrets” to discover. Apparently, this includes some new work from the Disco Elysium narrator.

The Collage Mode update will be free for all players too, so no need to pick up an extra pack of DLC.

A new cut

When Disco Elysium first launched in 2019, it made a massive impact. As the years have gone on, it’s felt like the type of indie hit that sparks wave of discussion and fervor, similar to Hades or Celeste. Its psychologically driven role-playing and openness to failure have stood the test of time, as its Final Cut has made its way to more and more platforms.

Still, there has also been internal, and eventually external, strife at ZA/UM. The lawsuits finally resolved this week, but it has left a sour footnote.

For those who still want to recapture some of that Martinaise magic, Disco Elysium Collage Mode is rolling out on PC now, and will arrive on consoles in the coming days.

Eric Van Allen
Senior News Reporter