A special edition Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Switch Lite is out in November

Diamond and Pearl Switch Lite

Holy moly, get your pre-order trigger ready

So new Switch Lite Nintendo hardware was announced today. Is it gone already? Probably!

The culprit this time was revealed on the “Pokemon Presents” broadcast, and it’s none other than a special Dialga and Palkia Switch Lite. It’s due out on November 5. As stated in the presentation (and noticed by me, who owns one!) this is a take on the 2006 DS hardware. You can find comparison shots below.

While it’s not going to blow the doors off of anyone who hasn’t owned a Switch Lite yet, I’m sure, like every Switch edition thus far, it’ll become a nice little collector’s item. I mean, just about every single piece of Pokemon hardware, going back to the original Game Boy, is a collector’s item.

Man, Nintendo hardware releases are always so damn interesting. You have people who legitimately love the series represented, and want to see it on their system every time they play it. Then you have the scalpers, who are basically not sleeping and have their bots ready, with retailers doing basically nothing about it. Then you have your avid collectors, also not sleeping, waiting for that pre-order notification or a text from a fellow collector friend.

It would be exciting if it wasn’t for the perpetual stock issues Nintendo keeps putting out in the world, like a revolving door of chaos. Good luck out there if you want one!

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