Destructoid: Spooky Amnesia, Wesley Snipes, and X-Me

Cowabunga dudes, I’ve got the new episode of The Destructoid Show ready for you to point your sightballs at, and it’s ready to post at a reasonable hour. Enjoy.

Today, we talk about how Amnesia: The Dark Descent has resulted in over 200,000 pairs of soiled trousers worldwide, how Wesley Snipes’ new iPhone game will be released before he is (it’s funny because he’s in jail right now) and how X-Men: Destiny is going to mess up the X-canon more than Onslaught and House of M combined. This leads to news about Champions Online being free, and how we should wear capes.

On top of all that, we have some new fun-facts about that “3DS” thing the Nintendo company invented. Have you heard of it?

Spoiler Alert: I did this episode with a pinched nerve in my neck. Please convert all your criticism into sympathy before commenting.

Good Lord, that video has a terrifying thumbnail image.

Max Scoville