Destructoid Network: This week’s finest 08/19/07

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Something magical happened this week in the Community Blogs. For whatever reason, Dtoider Snaileb made a post announcing his love for Destructoid, the writers and a bunch of readers. Not only that, but several other people also followed his lead and made some lovey dovey C-blog posts too. I can never say this enough, but Destructoid has one of the best communities ever.

In other news, the Forums are now going to be featured. Some awesome things happened this week in the forums that reminded me just how awesome they used to be. Japanator is still going through some growing pains, so that’s why they’re absent again this week. Aside from that, lots of good stories on Destructoid. BioShock gets a perfect 10, everyone orgasms at Aladdin and we’re giving away an 80GB PS3. On top of all that, everyone is giddy with excitement for PAX.  

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