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FNF of Halo 3: The Summary

So here I am fellow Dtoiders to story-tell the adventures of our dearest heroes in the throes of the cold, yet intense night that is Friday Night Fights. The beginning was a bit awkward and surprising. Instead of the flood gates of people...


The DS: Ressurect It For Me

I am interested in getting the R4 for my DS. My poor DS hasn't gotten play (Yeah baby) in a while. I was about to buy it when I saw a shit load of other things that started to confuse me.. like the M3 simple, EZ Flash, and what not. I mostl...


I have awesome friends.

So I went out to lunch with my friends today on this awesome Sunday afternoon. I joined Daktari (Here on Dtoid) and his wife at O'Charley's and after I sat down and said hello, I saw a package next to me. I inquired about it, in my mind I t...


Friday Night Fights: I failed.

Friday Night, a night I adore because I love Friday Night Fights here at Destructoid. So where the hell was I last night? Like an unfaithful husband to his jealous gay lover... lemme explain: Last night we were to surprise a friend of mine...


Sketchygamer 5 - Linux Love

As some of you may know I love Linux and along with it, Firefox. As I was treading around the net I saw the logo and decided to draw it. There was a cool anime version with a girl with a fox tail, but I couldn't find it now. Oh well.


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