Destructoid Network: This week’s finest 07/29/07

Give a round of applause to Jim Sterling everybody. His GTA IV story has nabbed over 400 comments from angry fanboys around the world. It’s like he’s the British version of Ron Workman. Over on Japanator … actually, there’s no point in specifying anything today because the site is dead. It’s making the move to Elephant (finally) and should be up and running again tomorrow. Just in time for Jtor’s birthday! Over on NextLust, new writer Citizen Blaine gives the Internets the exclusive news on Apple buying iHop. Finally, on the C Blogs, new Dtoider Pinaizee is welcomed to Destructoid.

[Image by EternalDarkWing. Grab the 1600×1200 image on his C blog.]

Hamza Aziz