Destructoid Interview: Jools and Gregg of Renegade Kid on Dementium: The Ward

HuskyHog and I recently interviewed Jools Watham and Gregg Hargrove of Renegade Kid on their game Dementium: The Ward for the DS. I asked Jools and Gregg on the story in Dementium, inspirations, and other aspects of the game as well. Check it out and let us know what you thought of the interview.
I did get a chance to play the game again before the interview and it has improved since the last time I played it. Some of the issues I addressed in my hands-on were actually addressed like the cheap first boss fight. Tons of cut scenes were added to the game with voice acting in them. I noticed that the graphics are better now too.
Dementium: The Ward will be out next week on the 31st. Expect a review of the game later on in the week.
Thanks again to Jools and Gregg for the interview, John and Jay for putting up with me being an hour late, HuskyHog for filming and editing the interview and SpongeBob SquarePants for the awesome credits music.    
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