Destructoid: All your base are pew pew pew!

Merry Wednesday, handsome readers of Destructoid, and welcome to the 53rd triweekly installment of the Destructoid show. I interrupt my marathon session of Left 4 Dead 2 this evening to bring you today’s news in a format in which you may be familiar: YOUTUBE MAGICK!

On today’s episode, Max celebrates the 10-year anniversary of All Your Base Are Belong To Us in the non-newsiest news item I’ve seen since Max talked about his cat for 5 seconds straight. He also gives us a sneak peek at the new PPPPPPPPP game, which is sure to excite you audiophiles out there. Later on, I crack into the new Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 DLC, but not before chastising Sony for their digital “re-distribution” nonsense. Max also tips his hat to Gabe Newell for creating such a profitable and respectable company.

And that about does it for today’s episode. If you want to help bump our YouTube subscribers count up a notch, then you should subscribe! Only 622 more to go before we hit 20,000, and you know what that means – naked pizza party!

Don’t worry. You’re invited.

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