Destiny players kill Gorgons in VoG raid, must be witches in real life

I don’t even

This is just ridiculous.

If you’re familiar with the Vault of Glass raid in Destiny you’ll know that it’s arguably the harder of the two raids to complete, not least because every section (besides the opener) ships with its own unique set of problems. (I’m ashamed to admit that for me, just JUMPING is a one of the most troublesome parts of that raid. FML).

My Raid Team and I (shoutout to Coin Army, woot) completed Vault of Glass on Hard for the first time over the weekend. It wasn’t easy. The aforementioned JUMPING in the Gorgon maze was a particular low point (I think the only reason I wasn’t kicked from the team is because I wasn’t the only one who kept falling down, thank christ) because the moment one of those Gorgon assholes see you, you’re done. It’s over. Move on. Rinse, repeat.

The point of that section is to remain stealthy (and jump properly, obvs), but these guys – these ridiculous guys, who surely be wizards in real-life – have achieved the impossible. They’ve figured out a way to simultaneously slaughter the Gorgons so fast, there’s no time for the bastards to respawn.

Redditers Zpevo and Demolitionwolf were the architects of awesome for this particular feat. Man, I would’ve be so pissed to have been the first in the world to have done this, and find out there’s not even a bloody cheevo/trophy for your troubles.

Still. Way to go, Guardians. If you’re ever a Guardian down and fancy employing the services of a sub-par Hunter who apparently can’t jump properly and swears way too much, HIT ME UP.

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