Bungie showcases Destiny 2 Solar rework with some spicy new abilities

Destiny 2 Warlock Solar Rework

The power of the sun in the palm of your hand

The new season of Destiny 2 goes live today, and a rework of the Solar subclass arrives alongside it. Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted adds new abilities to each class’ Solar capabilities, from more hammer-time to more anime.

A new video published this morning goes into detail about what’s in store for each Solar subclass. Past reworks have shaken up subclasses quite a bit, but these seem focused on several new abilities, adding some more “oomph” to the moveset. The Bungie developers jokingly refer to this as “Operation Caliente,” meant to spice up abilities that have been stagnant.

  • Titans get a flashy hammer move called Consecration, which lets them uppercut up into the air with twin hammers and slam them down for waves of damage. It looks pretty sick.
  • Hunters, meanwhile, get Gunpowder Gamble. It’s a bundle of trip mines that they can chuck at walls and enemies alike, and they can shoot it to detonate the explosives.
  • Warlocks get my favorite ability (and not just because I’m a Warlock), the Incinerator Snap. Warlocks can live out their wildest Roy Mustang fantasies by snapping to light enemies ablaze.

Season of the Haunted also brings the Solar subclass into the 3.0 system of subclasses, using the Aspect and Fragment system. It might be worth saying hello to Ikora in the Tower to make sure you’ve got the additional abilities. There’s more info in the full Season of the Haunted Destiny 2 patch notes here.

It’s haunting season

Altogether, these are some pretty cool updates for the Solar branch of Destiny 2. Aside from the flashy new toys and abilities, the general move to solidify Solar’s identity (burn, but also heal) and sweeping changes outlined in the patch notes have a lot to dig into for Destiny 2 players.

I’ve been off the Destiny 2 train for a little while as other long-running games have stolen my attention. Which is, in some cases, a bit of a bummer. But it’s hard to not want to reboot Destiny 2 and dive back in, knowing my Warlock can now snap enemies into flames.

Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted is live today. Check out the full notes and list of updates here.

Eric Van Allen
Senior News Reporter