Destiny 2 is vaulting the Forsaken campaign next February

Destiny 2 Forsaken vaulted

The campaign will be free to play for everyone before it goes in the vault

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Last year, Bungie introduced the Destiny Content Vault (or DCV) as a way to keep up with the growing size of Destiny 2. And ahead of its next expansion, the developer has confirmed there’s some more content headed into the vault.

The campaign for Destiny 2‘s Forsaken expansion will be vaulted at the start of Year 5, on Feb. 22, 2022. Alongside ForsakenDestiny 2 will also be vaulting the Tangled Shore destination and some Year 4 seasonal content, including the Presage and Harbinger Exotic missions. The Dreaming City, however, will stay open.

This coincides with the launch of Year 5 in Destiny 2, which includes The Witch Queen expansion and its accompanying season. A “carefully curated selection” of content will also be coming out of the vault, including a classic raid, two PvP maps from Destiny 2, and one classic PvP map from the first Destiny.

“Vaulting this content will allow us the space to launch The Witch Queen expansion and its new Throne World destination, as well as new features like weapon crafting, the new Legendary difficulty campaign option, the new Glaive weapon archetype, plus all the additional content we have planned for the four new Seasons to come starting in February,” reads today’s blog.

Though the content will be inaccessible starting Feb. 22, 2022, Bungie will be making the Forsaken campaign free for all Destiny 2 players starting Dec. 7, until it goes into the vault. And it’s probably a good idea for those unfamiliar to run through it, as the story of Uldren Sov / Crow is playing a pretty big part in the current seasonal storyline.

Bungie will also be offering a Forsaken Pack in Destiny 2, which will include access to the Last Wish raid, Shattered Throne dungeon, and all of the Forsaken Exotics.

It would be nice to have access to all content, all the time, but it seems like vaulting is the way ahead for Destiny 2 when dealing with the massive amount of content it has. As someone that’s recently got back on the Destiny 2 train, I’ll probably pencil in some time over the holidays to run through all the Forsaken content myself, just to get ready for the coming of the Witch Queen.

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