Destiny 2’s next expansion, Witch Queen, is out in February, expansion after that teased

Destiny 2

February 22, 2022

2/22/22: it reminds me of 9/9/99! The next Destiny 2 next expansion, Witch Queen, was fully unveiled during Bungie’s Gamescom showcase today, and it’s due out next February.

Throughout the course of multiple trailers, we have a clearer look into what the Destiny 2 expansion has to offer; as players take on the Witch Queen Savathûn in their “Throne World.” “Your own light powers will be used against you,” as she commands light-infused Hive, so expect some lore-heavy meaty narrative stuff. As the sister of The Taken King, she, predictably, like every other big bad in each expansion, is the “most threatening Destiny force yet.” The collector’s edition will feature a Hive Ghost for good measure.

Bungie says it’s really focusing on the chills of the Throne World and battling the Hive Guardians; and theme is going to be paramount. “The Glaive” will be a new weapon type in Destiny 2, with melee, ranged, and “defensive capabilities.” According to Bungie the first glaive is “not found, but crafted.” Weapon crafting is a new mechanic that’s coming to the game, and the glaive is at the center. “Legendary” difficulty campaigns are a go too, with pumped-up enemy stats and “restricted respawns.”

As a reminder, the “Light and Darkness saga” will end, followed by a “transformative moment” for the series, where it’ll go in a new direction. To that end, The Final Shape is the Destiny 2expansion after Witch Queen, and will wrap up that very saga. In the meantime, season of the lost runs from August 24 through February 22, when Witch Queen hits. Interestingly, as we learned recently, BattlEye anti-cheat software will be implemented in this upcoming season: as Bungie proudly reminded us of during the stream.

Finally, a 30th anniversary Bungie celebration is coming, with a free six-player event (with new content every three months), and naturally, in this transaction-heavy Bungie era, you can buy a 30th anniversary pack with cosmetics and content. The Gjallarhorn is coming back, “carefully updated for the Destiny 2 sandbox,” and there’s a NERF version coming in real life.

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