Deltarune Chapter 1 and 2 now available on PS4 and Nintendo Switch

deltarune ps4 switch

Everyone needs more Susie in their lives

Honestly, I would have thought that nobody wants any more drama in their lives right now, but, in case you wish for more, then you can bask in the glorious news that Toby Fox’s emotional RPG Deltarune Chapter 1&2 is now available to download on both PS4 and Nintendo Switch. The new console ports follow the adventure’s respective PC releases from October 2018 and September 2021.

To say too much about Deltarune is to spoil its carefully crafted world and characters, but needless to say that fans of Toby Fox’s seminal 2015 classic Undertale will find themselves at home in this follow-up, which features new and familiar faces and locales from the emotional and personal fantasy adventure. Players can create a personalized avatar before diving into the 8-bit world of Deltarune, which is somehow both unnerving and charming at one and the same time. Be sure to tell Susie I said “Hi”… But be cool about it… yeah?… actually forget I said anything… Tell her…

Deltarune Chapter 1&2 is available to download and play for free on Switch via Nintendo eShop and PS4 via PSN. Fox recently stated his intention to release the three remaining chapters as one drop at some point in the distant future. When this happens, Deltarune will launch as a full-priced purchase, essentially making the first two chapters an extremely generous demo. You can check out more details about Deltarune Chapter 2 in our own Eric van Allen’s impression piece right here.

Chris Moyse
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