Dead Space Extraction has ‘five times’ more dialogue than original

I knew that in Dead Space Extraction I’d get to shoot a bunch of ugly monsters, but what’s with all of this talking nonsense? According to the Wii-title’s senior designer John Calhoun, Extraction is not all about blasting baddies to nasty, gooey bits. 

“We actually have five times more dialogue than the original Dead Space,” he says in the latest video developer diary for the title. “This is a story driven game.”

I’ve been on the fence about Extraction for awhile, trying really hard to get off of the “on rails” things. I was still interested in playing it, because I’m putting trust in Visceral that it’ll be able to create a compelling point-and-shoot experience on the Wii. Well, that and I just like shooting the sh*t out of monsters. 

But I have to admit that after watching this new video, I’m a bit more excited about the game and what looks like a pretty compelling narrative. Hey, if hell freezes over and crushing the skulls of ghouls with my gun gets old, at least there might be something to keep me playing. 

Dead Space Extraction hits stores on September 29.


Nick Chester