Dead Cells roadmap has updates headed all the way into 2023

Dead Cells

Next year will be the “most exciting” in Dead Cells‘ history

Time rolls on, and so does Dead Cells. Today, the team at Motion Twin shared an updated roadmap for the future of Dead Cells, which is set to carry into 2023 and contains some big things.

The team says this update is specifically to combat the belief that, after the latest DLC, Dead Cells is at or near the end of its lifespan.

Currently planned for 2022 is the panchaku update and flame head outfit, as well as some rebalancing and reworking. Then this fall, Motion Twin plans to launch a Boss Rush mode for Dead Cells.

More updates are set for winter as well. Keep in mind these are all rough estimates, and nothing’s quite set in stone.

Dead Cells roadmap

Then, in 2023, the team is advertising the “most exciting year” in Dead Cells‘ history. Motion Twin says it will be the biggest year since the Dead Cells 1.0 launch.

“What we’re getting at here is that we’re very much in the mid-life of Dead Cells. We’re not sneaking out at night to get drunk on street corners anymore, but we’ve still got plenty of life in us before our knees start to give in, so prepare yourselves for more Dead Cells content.”

Not quite dead after all

To its credit, the Dead Cells team has been steadily rolling out update after update over the years. Even though the action roguelike is roughly four years old at this point, Motion Twin and its spin-off studio Evil Empire have kept on delivering new content.

So, even though The Queen and The Sea DLC went live earlier this year, rumors of Dead Cells fading out of the picture seem to be greatly exaggerated. As for what Motion Twin and Evil Empire have planned for 2023, we’ll have to see in the new year.

Eric Van Allen