Resident Evil’s Wesker, Ada, and Rebecca are joining Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight Wesker

Even more Resident Evil joins the ranks of Dead by Daylight

Three classic Resident Evil characters, including one of the series’ most iconic villains, are joining in on the asymmetrical horror. Rebecca Chambers, Ada Wong, and Albert Wesker are all coming to Dead by Daylight soon.

Revealed today as part of Behaviour Interactive’s look-ahead showcase, the three characters arrive as part of an update called Resident Evil: Project W. It’s probably safe to say the “W” stands for Wesker.

While Albert Wesker, the Mastermind, will take on the role of Killer, two heroines are joining the roster to help the others out. Rebecca Chambers and Ada Wong will be Survivors, part of the crew trying to evade the killer and make it out alive.

Of course, evading Albert Wesker is not easy. He’s cunning, and looks to have some of his virus-enabled superpowers ready to cause chaos. You can see some of that in the trailer above. Seems like Ada and Rebecca will have their work cut out for them.

Residential evil

Those Survivors won’t be alone either. Resident Evil‘s Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine have already joined the Dead by Daylight lineup, alongside another longtime RE villain Nemesis.

That same update added the Raccoon City Police Station, so there will soon be quite a lot of Resident Evil in Dead by Daylight. R.P.D. headquarters is also getting a refresh as part of the update.

While Wesker is partaking in the Dead by Daylight fun at an undetermined date and time, even more DBD content is hitting today. The dating sim Hooked on You, which stars many of the killers of Dead by Daylight, is out today.

If murderers and running from said murders is not your cup of tea, though, Behaviour Interactive announced a few other projects today. One of those, the build-and-defend, raid-and-steal Meet Your Maker looks like a pretty neat twist on asymmetrical multiplayer games.

Project W is coming soon for Dead by Daylight players.

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