Meet Your Maker is an FPS about building and surviving trap-filled bases

Meet Your Maker game

Coming to PC and consoles in 2023 from Dead by Daylight’s Behavior Interactive

Building? Raiding? Why not both? Meet Your Maker is a new co-op FPS from Dead by Daylight creator Behaviour Interactive that’ll test your creativity and survivability.

As the protector of the Chimera, “a living experiment created as a last resort to save life on Earth,” you’ll construct dastardly bases with enough traps and freaky henchmen to keep the trespassers at bay. On the flip side, you’ll also infiltrate other players’ outposts — potentially with a friend in online co-op — in hopes of snatching genetic material.

This so-called “Genmat” fuels your progression with unlockable traps, guards, weapons, and suits, so the action and creative sides of Meet Your Maker flow together.

According to the developers, you’ll be able to “destroy traps and guards for additional building resources and upgrades” while taking on bases. Meanwhile, you’ll be rewarded for killing thieves from afar, and you’ll “never lose progress or resources by being raided.”

Another tidbit beyond the usual modular construction elements: you can “pre-record custom patrol paths” for your guards in Meet Your Maker for a more personal touch. And you can “Prestige” your bases “to prolong their lifespan and gain even greater rewards.”

Build an outpost, watch replays, and iterate

A player-made outpost in Meet Your Maker
A player-made outpost in Meet Your Maker.

At first glance from the reveal trailer, I wasn’t feeling the dusty, cyber-mutant-filled aesthetic, but the base-raiding fundamentals do seem fun. It’s going to come down to variety, though. Even with great tools, user-generated content can be hit-or-miss.

That said, the more I dig into the gameplay details, the more interesting it sounds in spite of its familiar-looking world. Coming from another studio, I’d be more skeptical. But I feel like Behaviour will have a good chance of getting the fundamentals right and sustaining players’ interest beyond launch, which is crucial for any user-content-reliant game.

Meet Your Maker is coming to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S in 2023.

Meet Your Maker sword screenshot
I don’t know what that thing is, but I wanna slice it.

Sign-ups are open for the PC-only playtest

There will be a several-week-long closed playtest (sign up here) starting on August 23 for PC players, but it’ll be NDA-bound, so no streaming or sharing. Also, any progress you make or items you unlock in this pre-release build of the game will be wiped.

I would like to formally request that someone make a Cube level. Who’s in?

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