Dead by Daylight is getting spin-off games from Supermassive and Midwinter

Dead by Daylight Supermassive Midwinter

The world of Dead by Daylight expands to new projects

Behaviour Interactive has announced two new spin-off games for asymmetrical horror game Dead by Daylight. Supermassive Games and Midwinter Entertainment are both working on spin-off projects within the Dead by Daylight universe.

Announced today during the Dead by Daylight 7th Anniversary stream, we’ve got a few details about what each team is working on. Here’s the relevant section of today’s stream, via Gematsu:

Supermassive Games, well-known for titles like Until Dawn and The Quarry, is making what you’d expect: an “intense, narrative” game with life-or-death choices, set in the omniverse of Dead by Daylight. It will have a new cast of characters, too. It seems like a pretty natural fit, as Supermassive’s games have consistently tackled the horror genre from various angles, and Dead by Daylight is all about its horror lineage too.

Meanwhile, Midwinter Entertainment is taking a bit of a different approach. You might know Midwinter from multiplayer survival shooter Scavengers, which shut down last December. Behaviour picked the team up in May prior to that. Midwinter is working on a new multiplayer PvE game, where teams of up to four players take on a new danger, centered around greed and the lust for power.

Neither game got a title or release date.

A new daylight dawns

It’s an interesting but intriguing development for Dead by Daylight. I’ll admit, I tend to associate Dead by Daylight more with cross-overs than spin-offs. But the horror game has become pretty popular, even popular enough to spin off one game already in its dating sim Hooked on You.

For continued expansion of the universe, you could do worse than getting a studio like Supermassive to work on a single-player horror experience. And I’m curious about Midwinter’s project too, and whether that veers more into a survival-horror realm. We’ll see as the teams share more in the future.

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