Darwin’s finest: Moron steals 360, calls Msoft, gets arrested, now tossing salad

Ladies and gents, may I present to you a nominee for the 2007 Darwin Awards:

A young lad from New Zealand decided he wanted an Xbox 360 really bad. So, in order to quench his craving, he decided to break into someone’s home and steal one. Upon arriving to his evil lair, he found out that he can’t play his favorite games online because the 360 was registered to the victim.

Now, here’s the fun part: Because he couldn’t play online, he called Microsoft and thus, set off all the red flags that eventually led to his arrest. The genius also ordered the power cord he forgot to steal — yeah, this is a bright one. What’s interesting, is that Microsoft was a little hesitant on releasing private information to the po po. Check it out:

… Microsoft may have somehow delayed the process by not ponying up the info right away — the cops, on the other hand, are actually pretty chill on the whole affair. Detective Sergeant Martin Todd said, on record, that Microsoft was acting within its rights and had no legal obligation to help. “Microsoft haven’t been obstructive in any way.”

“We genuinely would like to help as much as possible,” said Microsoft New Zealand product manager Thomas Hunt. He also went on to say, however, that safeguarding privacy and safety of customer information was one of Microsoft’s top priorities. 

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