Dark Souls: Campfire save points, ladders, NPCs, summons!

The latest information on From Software’s hotly anticipated Dark Souls has hit the Internet, and the game just sounds hotter and hotter. This week, we’ve learned more about campfires, which will play an important role in the game, and we’ve also learned about spells, summons and ladders!

  • Campfires play an important role in the game, serving as save points, item stores, and multiplayer hubs. The ghostly image of other players appear gathered round the fires, presumably waiting for another online gamer to interact. 
  • Upon death, players will return to the campfire. They’ll also get their health restored when visiting one, and resupply their Est, which replenishes health in battle.
  • Climbing ladders is an important part of the game as they can be used to escape humanoid enemies. By rapidly climbing a ladder and kicking it down, you can stop such opponents from giving chase.
  • The game will features NPCs, such as the “mysterious holy woman.” You will be able to summon allies as well, with the Black Iron Knight being the first confirmed comrade. 
  • Spells will play an important role in the game. So far, we know the Monk character class can heal itself, and players can also use Iron Knight, which increases defense but lowers speed.

Seriously, this game can just pin me up against the wall and cram itself inside my squeezy anus right now, please!

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