Cursed Tomb Treasure quest completion guide Hogwarts Legacy

This can be hard to find

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Hogwarts Legacy has a lot of maps. A loooooot of  maps. That includes the one linked to the Cursed Tomb Treasure quest, which you’ll get from a very isolated area (and will take you into a dungeon to boot). Here’s how to complete the entire questline and how to use the Mysterious Map Fragment.

Get the quest map from the Manor Cape basement

Note: You will need Alohomora and Flipendo for the Cursed Tomb Treasure quest.

You’ll start the quest/find the map for the Cursed Tomb Treasure in the Manor Cape basement. To get there, you’ll take the West Manor Cape Floo Flame spot, or fly there directly in the southwest area of the world map.

Either fly north and enter the spire with a Confringo cast (taking you directly to the manor basement), or enter the building and walk down to the basement yourself.

How to use the Mysterious Map Fragment and where to go

The Mysterious Map Fragment is hinting at the location of the Cursed Tomb: the Tomb of Treachery, close to the middle of the world map in Hogwarts Legacy.

Travel there and enter at the south Floo Flame spot: entering the dungeon itself. Walk down the dungeon path straight down until you get to a tomb on the floor. Turn left and burn down the webs. Head down that path, burn down more webs (to the left and right), and use Lumos to gather up the butterflies to open the door.

Defeat the Inferius enemies therein, and look down at the floor to discover the puzzle. You’re almost there.

Use the map to solve the puzzle

Does this look familiar? Use the Mysterious Map Fragment (or take a look at the gallery above) to solve the puzzle.

You’ll need to orient yourself so that the arrows on the stones underfoot point upward. Then use Flipendo on the top middle, bottom left, and bottom right stones. Flipendo will cause the stones to flip, creating the arrow-based puzzle solution.

After you solve this puzzle, a chest will appear in the center, and the quest will be complete.,

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