Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown comes to Xbox this spring

There’s treasure out there

The swamps are fixin’ to get a little more crowded. Soon, Hunt: Showdown banishes its PC exclusivity to hell, like it’s one of those terrifying spider monsters.

Crytek has announced that Xbox owners will soon get to wade through the Louisiana bayou. Hunt: Showdown is coming to Xbox Preview Program this spring. The Xbox Preview Program is ostensibly Early Access. Development is still ongoing with Hunt: Showdown, meaning that players are getting time with a game that isn’t yet finished.

There’s something special at the heart of Hunt: Showdown. It’s like a miniature battle royale intersecting with Van Helsing-like monster hunting. Finding clues, tracking the pig-headed butcher, and murdering him is every bit as thrilling as offing a team of real-life human threats. It’s a neat balance. Xbox players will see what I’m talking about in like a month or two.

Brett Makedonski
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