Cruis’n Blast is coming home with a Nintendo Switch release in September

Racing underneath UFOs in Cruis'n Blast

The Switch version has 29 tracks across six tours

As someone who has been sorely missing arcades even more than normal over the past too many months, Cruis’n Blast is a welcome sight. And with a release date (September 14, 2021) locked in for the Nintendo Switch version, it’s starting to feel more tangible.

We got a glimpse of the arcade racer turned Switch title back in June, during the bustle of E3, and I honestly haven’t given it much thought since — but I’m into it.

This new track showcase trailer is big on the game’s overall vibe, which can be summed up as “extreme.” One moment, you’re dodging stretched-out dinosaur necks, the next, you’re swerving around a wind farm swept up in a tornado. I’m doing my best to keep the vocal theme from setting up shop in my brain, but I’m falling short. It’s fully rooted.

Visually, Cruis’n Blast isn’t much of a looker even with modest expectations, but it seems to run fine enough, and so long as the arcade-racing feel is spot-on, I’m happy.

Raw Thrills will also have a $40 physical Nintendo Switch edition this September (pre-orders are open), and for us eShop players, we can expect a 3.6GB file size.

Really, it’s just nice to have a game like this on home consoles again. It’s been so long. I’ve yet to play the original 2017 arcade version, so I’ve been poking around to see what it was like. Anyone else? Here’s some direct-capture footage from Arcade Heroes:

The Switch edition of Cruis’n Blast will have split-screen multiplayer, 29 tracks, and 23 vehicles. Emphasis on “vehicles,” as some are convertibles, and some are creatures, including a unicorn and a hammerhead shark with a laser beam attached to its head.

I know who I’m playing as (and it’s not the unicorn)!

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