Crisis Core Reunion can be considered part of the FF7 Remake project, producer says

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion

There it is again, that funny feeling

The upcoming Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion remaster has some big implications for the series. Aside from bringing Zack’s story forward to new platforms, it also seems to be playing a role in the general Remake project.

This post contains spoilers for Final Fantasy VII Remake.

In an interview with Yoshinori Kitase, transcribed and translated by fan translator @aitaikimochi on Twitter, the producer discusses the upcoming Crisis Core remaster. The decision to make Reunion was apparently made in the middle of Final Fantasy VII Remake‘s development. Since Crisis Core was only on PSP, the team wanted more people to play Zack’s story.

The question is whether there could be potential changes in the mix, too.

“The story of Crisis Core FF7 Reunion will basically not change from the original game,” Kitase says. “However, even if we say that, there might be some who played Remake or watched the Rebirth trailer and felt that something was… off. As such, you can consider Crisis Core FF7 Reunion as a part of the FF7R Project. With that in mind, we hope you can enjoy Zack’s story along with the strange feeling that was brought forth from FF7R.”

And if you were curious, Dirge of Cerberus doesn’t seem to be in the works, since it happens after the original Final Fantasy VII.

What’s Fair play?

With the reveal that Zack Fair seems to play a much, much larger role in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, remastering Crisis Core makes total sense. It is all about Zack Fair, after all.

But the big question was whether Crisis Core would be a literal remaster or whether it would stray to address what’s changing in the Remake Project. After all, the Final Fantasy VII remakes are now charting their own course. The confirmed trilogy is breaking from the path set by its source material, and could be headed into uncharted waters.

This quote does make it seem like Crisis Core is being made with some cognizance of this. I’m wondering if we might get a slight tease of what’s to come in Rebirth from it. Square Enix does enjoy teasers; just look at Kingdom Hearts for plenty of examples.

We’ll see the return of Zack’s side of the story this winter when Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunioarrives for PC and consoles.

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