Creeped out by images from 3DS game My Little Baby 3D


Just in time for Halloween we get a press release for a 3DS title from Treva Entertainment called My Little Baby 3D. Sounds innocent enough, right? Wait until you see the images from the game.

*hides under blanket*

The idea is neat: pick the parents, pick the look and sex of the child, and then when it arrives, begin parenting. The scary stuff should be the gameplay, which involves bathing, feeding, and changing diapers. You’ll even tilt the 3DS to the side to make sure the baby gets all the milk.

But their faces! AAAAH! While reading the press release I clicked the link for the assets to download. When they finally did, I recoiled in horror, nearly spitting my drink out. I’m still nervously rocking back and forth.

Are these… alien babies? Is… is my soul still intact? Because I feel like the bathtub creature inhaled part of my soul.

My Little Baby 3D for Nintendo 3DS is available right now at $29.99 in the Nintendo eShop.

Dale North