Could Halo: Chronicles be based on the Ghosts of Onyx Halo novel?

The folks at AddictGaming have received a screenshot of a Bungie employee’s Gamercard that show’s the employee playing through Peter Jackson’s upcoming Halo: Chronicles. Not much about the game has been revealed since it was first announced, but we at least know now that it’s in Alpha.

What’s really interesting about this is that the employee is going through a stage called Exploring Onyx. In the Halo-verse, Onyx is a planet which is home to the SPARTAN III Project (The Master Chief is a SPARTAN II) and the main focus of the fourth Halo novel, Ghosts of Onyx. Ghosts of Onyx takes place during the events of Halo 2 and Onyx is more or less destroyed by the end of the book

This leaves me wondering if Halo: Chronicles could be based on the story of Ghosts of Onyx. It’d be pretty interesting to play as a SPARTAN III and deal with an aspect of the Halo story that doesn’t directly involve the Covenant war.  

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