Conduit 2: New weapons, enemies, 4p split screen multi

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Oh, and split-screen local multiplayer! I remember asking the Conduit devs about that feature the first time around. It’s here along with tons of other details that we found at IGN in their first look at the upcoming Wii FPS Conduit 2. Yes, they dropped the “The” out of the sequel’s title.

It seems that High Voltage tightened up the graphics a little bit, literally and figuratively. There’s going to be two dozen weapons in this sequel, including a Vortex Blaster that collects enemies bullets and chunks them back in a big cluster. There’s also a mobile turret that can be controlled via a touchscreen device. Easy aiming FTW. Among the new levels explored was an oil rig off the coast of Florida, where rain effects and waves crashing impressed IGN.

On the multiplayer front, there’s now a co-op mode called Team Invasion where four players can work together in challenges, online or local. WiiSpeak is supported again, letting you yell at your television with a reason. Sega says that security will be tightened this time around online after a hack jacked things up last time. There’s still up to 12 players multi online, but the new four-player split-screen competitive is good news.

IGN has plenty of screens to check out, too.

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