Comments of the Week 41: Consider the Following

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Well howdy folks, and welcome to another edition of Comments of the Week – brought to you by ooktar. This week we are sponsored by Matt Damon’s Donuts – You Were Bourne to Try Them. Also the Willem Dafoe PTSD Center. We can treat you for any trauma you’ve sustained after seeing Willem Dafoe.

Anyways here’s this week’s edition.

ooktar: If you go in the game’s code, you can find code that translates to the word “Pachinko.”

ooktar: Are you saying that those Mummy movies with Brendan Fraser aren’t historically accurate? My life is a lie.

ooktar: Wii Wii.

ooktar: “Bayonetta kicks high.” – 11/10 Bayonetta 2

 ooktar: I better not Steve this one up.

ooktar: I mean, I’d probably sleep with Wolverine too if he showed up in my town.


 ooktar: Nintendo treats their consoles like they are pet dogs.

ooktar: Ban Hammer accessory not included.

ooktar: Rob Shneider is Da Derp Dee Derp Da Teetley Derpee Derpee Dum. Rated PG-13.

ooktar: It’s like Final Fantasy, none of them are canon with each other.

ooktar: Prepare to tag the city again! (Out of Spray Paint? Buy more Spray Paint cans for $4.99.)

ooktar: I’d let those ladies make me their bitch.

ooktar: 2 Knack for you, baby.

ooktar: Nah, that implies David Cage’s games are so bad that they are good. They don’t even accomplish that.

ooktar: I can’t wait to ride the Buzz Saw Lines of Terror.

ooktar: Hey now, female cultists are very hard to animate.


ooktar: #Halodideverythingwrong

ooktar: Mike and Hypno should start a business like Sanford and Son, but it’ll be Semen and Son.

ooktar: Saying Diablo III is a better sequel is like saying Christmas Vacation II is better than the first.

ooktar: 2 Doom for Yo…….shit, I already made that joke.

ooktar: Ugh, that was so bad, I need to lay my weary head to rest.


ooktar: Litchi Faye Ling didn’t make the list so this list is completely null and void.

ooktar: That cat looks left out and is about to ruin this beautiful moment.

ooktar: Quack for the Mother Land.

ooktar: If anyone needs proof why this community is the best on the web, this is it.

ooktar: One of the first comments I made here was about Guy Fieri giving cunnilingus lessons. I knew this place was meant for me then and there.

ooktar: I usually tip the pizza guy some Satanic daggers and a pint of virgin’s blood.

ooktar: I’m pretty sure, “Will you marry me?” in Italian is, “Take a dookie in the Cannoli.”

ooktar: That’s not accurate, the girl isn’t running away in fear.

Well that’s it again for this week, folks. As always I hope you enjoyed this week’s edition and be sure to leave the appropriate gif if you didn’t make it in. Be sure to thank our sponsor the Gardevoir Rule 34 Rehabilitation Clinic and be sure to tune in next week.

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