Chronos Twin: I just made you up to hurt myself (and those blocks over there)

Aerox — using his pseudonym prevents me from making a clever reference to this game’s duality allowing for a Dallas paradox in which J.R. shoots J.R. — sent in a tip a wee bit ago revealing Cubed3‘s coverage of a little known DS platformer under the generic name of Chronos Twin. Reading his tip I was immediately bored to tears by not just the game’s title, but also his scant description of the thing. Aerox, in the future if you’re going to send in tips about games destined to be cult classics on the level of Drill Dozer, at least include some poetry or a naked picture of Vanessa Hudgens.

Now that I’ve chastised our tipper, let’s get to the game: while my only exposure to the title has been the above clip and the two following the jump, the alternate reality mechanic employed in a game that would otherwise be a MegaMan ripoff is pure genius. I have to think it could quickly reach levels of complexity on par with certain bullet-hell shooters, but even on the easier levels, it complicates your gaming reality in a way that would suggest the presence of a Weighted Companion Cube.

I don’t want to hype it up too much in case it turns out to be a terrible game, but this title has just catapulted ahead of Contra 4 to slot itself comfortably behind the next inevitable handheld Castlevania title as my most anticipated Nintendo DS game.

Earnest Cavalli
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