Chrono Trigger’s multiplayer mode does not include minigames

Thanks to the ever-observant eye of Spencer over at Siliconera, we now know that the Japanese Chrono Trigger website lists the game as being playable by up to two people. The possibilities swirl in my brain: Co-op? Minigames? Wi-Fi connectivity? We don’t have anything confirmed yet, but I know for sure I didn’t see anything like this when we saw the game on the E3 show floor.

While it may be a while before we have confirmed details, it seems as if Wii-style minigames are not going to be included, which I’m perfectly fine with. On the other hand, I constantly wax philosphical on how the experience of RPGs could be expanded by allowing more than one player to participate at a time (for instance, two players playing the role of two party members while you progress with a party).

Anyway, I don’t know who I’m kidding. I don’t care if Chrono Trigger comes out single-player, multiplayer or playable only with my toes; I’m thrilled any which way. If I could choose any modification, though, it would be being able to play through the story with a friend or multiple friends in the way I described above. What would you like it to be?

[Thanks, Adam]

Colette Bennett