Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena trailer has story and gameplay

Atari could give us fourteen Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena trailers a day and I wouldn’t get bored — I don’t have a Riddick overload button, apparently. Either the guys at Starbreeze Studios have an awesome video editor or what we’ve seen thus far is an accurate depiction of what will be a great game. I’m guessing its the former with a sprinkle of the latter.

Like all the others, this trailer (located after the break) is no slouch. It gives a tiny peek of the story’s conflict, but I found myself focusing on another epic Riddick line of dialogue. A little girl asks Riddick if he is “hiding from monsters.” Riddick replies, “Not hiding. Hunting.” 

If you were wondering, that little girl is named Lynn Silverman. “[She] is one of the first characters you encounter in the game,” Starbreeze told me a few weeks ago. “She is a survivor from a hijacked ship that is doing her best to avoid detection by the mercs. She will play an important role in the game, which will be revealed once you play the game.

If you’re still in the dark about Assault on Dark Athena, check out Hamza’s preview. It’s like meeting a slam preacher and trading your eyes for a pack of Menthols.

Brad BradNicholson