Charge your 3DS with your phone cable with this handy adapter’s help

Vita too!

Japanese gaming accessory company Gametech is out to make day-to-day life a little easier for the handheld player who’s on the go. Rather than carry around separate chargers for the 3DS or Vita (something the New 3DS doesn’t even come packaged with), Gametech has made it possible to charge those devices with cables you probably already have on you.

The solution is this little adapter that converts the 3DS’s and Vita’s proprietary ports into ones that use Lightning or micro USB cables. It’s less than $10 and eliminates the need to lug a separate charger around. That’s pretty slick.

The only problem is that availability’s a little weird right now. The Android to 3DS adapter is on Amazon, as is the Lightning cable to Vita. However, Lightning to 3DS and Android to Vita only seem to be on Gametech’s site, which might cause issues for people trying to ship them to the west. Still, it’s a neat little convenience in that it can cut down on both cord-carrying and the price of replacing a proprietary charger.

ライトニングケーブルでnew 3DSLL本体等を充電! new 3DSLL / new 3DS / 3DSLL / 3DS用変換コネクタ『ライトニング変換コンバータnew3DLL』[Gametech via Tiny Cartridge]

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