Cave announces new Touhou Project title to launch in Japan in 2022

Time to book another trip to Gensokyo

Respected shmup developer Cave has announced a brand new title in the long-running Touhou Project series. While the publisher is remaining incredibly tight-lipped on all details, it expects the new release to launch in Japan in 2022.

Touhou Project began life as a bullet hell shmup franchise that launched in the late ’90s, powered entirely by the one-man studio Team Shanghai Alice and its sole contributor, Jun’ya Ota, (aka “ZUN”), who is responsible for the design, writing, coding, and music of the franchise’s many entries. The series, renown for its frenzied arcade action as well as some of the most flowery-worded titles in gaming history, has become a cult brand among shmup fans, facilitating the development of almost 20 video games, as well as fanbooks, manga series, and albums. Touhou Project has also branched out into other genres, including fighters, dungeon crawlers, and even tower defense titles.

The new title will launch just in time for Touhou Project‘s 25th anniversary, and no doubt Cave will be hoping to celebrate the occasion with something very special. It will be fascinating to see the DonDonPachi developer’s take on this mythic franchise. I’m really looking forward to seeing what Cave has cooked up for Touhou Project, but it may be quite some time before we see the new title in action. Nevertheless, we’ll be sure to keep you informed when more info is made available.

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