Capcom’s announces new hands-free 3DS game

Capcom has something else lined up for us on the Nintendo 3DS already. Nice! This new title is called Nazo Waku Yakata, and Famitsu says that you won’t use your hands to play it. Control will come through voice commands, gyro movements and touch. Wait, wouldn’t touch be with your hands?

There’s double the 3D in this game, as the sound will also support 3D through headphones. 

We dont’ know what kind of game Nazo Waku Yakata will be, but we may have hints through the staff involved. AndriaSang says that character designs will come from the talented Tadahiro Uesugi. Yukinori Kitajima will handle the scenario and Minoru Nakai is the director.

I hope we hear more on this title soon.

Dale North