Capcom tosses some body parts into the fire for a Dead Rising themed yule log

21 minutes of searing entertainment

The yule log was always a curious tradition to me. I could understand burning your own piece of wood (fire is awesome), but why do people put on a video of someone else torching crap? Heck, there are numerous DVDs you can buy from Amazon just to get into the season. My friend’s dad probably owns all of them, too.

Well, if you’re one of the few who does partake in this past time, Capcom certainly has a treat for you. To promote the soon-to-be-released Dead Rising 4, there is a new 21-minute-long yule log video that features zombified body parts being thrown into a fire with Dead Rising themed Christmas music playing. The idea is cute, especially if you actually like watching a fire pit for extended periods of time.

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