Capcom profits reaching seven-year high thanks to … arcades?

Yeah, that’s the same face I made, too. According to Bloomberg, Capcom president Haruhiro Tsujimoto says the company is looking at its highest profitability in seven years by the end of 2009, thanks in no small part to its arcade operations. In Japan, of course.

The report notes that arcade earnings make up 18 percent of Capcom’s sales, and that the company will be adding 8 new arcade centers by this March, the end of its fiscal year. Um … where is this?  Considering that only 58 percent of its revenue comes from console and handheld software sales, 18 percent sounds like kind of a lot to Capcom. Why not pump that up a little by oh, I don’t know, tossing a couple of those arcades our way? Is that too much to ask? 

All the keening and mourning over the loss of arcades on Episode 8 of RetroforceGO!  is proof enough that we’ve got at least four people who are more than ready to help make Capcom another few million in quarters. How about the rest of you?

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