(Update) Capcom is finally bringing the silver and gold Monster Hunter amiibo west, with a sweepstakes

gold Monster Hunter amiibo

10 winners will be chosen

[Update: My Nintendo is running a second contest. Just head here to press your luck again for the same lot of gold Monster Hunter amiibo pictured below. It’s the same deal as before: you get up to three entries, and it’ll run until September 7, 2021.]

My Nintendo is running an intriguing contest and it involves a fairly rare set of amiibo. Of course, you can’t just buy the amiibo you want (why make it that easy?!): you have to enter a sweepstakes via this My Nintendo page, and pay up to 30 Platinum Points for three entries, 10 for each entry. The prizes? Silver and gold Monster Hunter amiibo.

So the prize for this contest is pretty amazing, and could go for hundreds of dollars on eBay if the winners were so inclined to peddle them. You get a whopping 15 figures (everything pictured), as well as five 11″x17″ Monster Hunter Rise posters. Wait, hold up: 15 figures?

Yes, that prize pack includes a few Monster Hunter Rise and Stories 2 figures that aren’t commanding obscene values on the secondhand market, but the nine other amiibo (six gold, three silver) will. The gold and silver variants are extremely rare, and only doled out via contests like this. You can get a good look at them all below.

If you really want them, check out our quick guide for My Nintendo points and grab enough to enter the maximum amount of times. I can’t stress how annoying these gold figures are as a collector, as even the previous Nintendo-themed gold/silver amiibo (like Mario) were available at retail. For something that’s ostensibly just spray painted a different color, tying them to lotteries feels like a weird way to go. Good luck if you enter!

gold Monster Hunter amiibo

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