Capcom Cup X to award a $1 million prize for Street Fighter 6 champion

capcom cup x street fighter 6 1 million prize


At the climax of this weekend’s Capcom Cup, the last such tournament to be held on Street Fighter V, the publisher revealed that its next pro-season, Capcom Cup X, will have a $2 million USD prize pool, with the first crowned Street Fighter 6 champion walking away with a cool one million dollars.

Street Fighter 6, which launches on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms June 6, will be the exclusive game of Capcom Cup X, and will see players from all over the globe become literal World Warriors, catching flights to a wide variety of official tournaments in order to bag the CPT points necessary to make it to the grand finals — expected to be held in early 2024. The huge prize pool is expected to see many players, perhaps even retirees, dust off the arcade stick and go for their moment of glory.

Of course, the promotion of such a lucrative tournament also works in Capcom’s favor, as it keeps hype for the new sequel high, as well as encourages large turnouts at the many events that will be held all over the globe between Street Fighter 6‘s launch this summer and the ultimate showdown next year. Street Fighter 6, as I have iterated many a time, is already shaping up to be a fantastic release, one that hopes to see the brand reestablish itself as the competitive fighting game.

Me? Well, while I will no doubt continue to attend every tournament I am able — much as I did for Street Fighter V — I simply have far too much work to do to grab for the brass ring…

…Although one million dollars would pay for a lot of Juri commissions on DeviantArt…

Chris Moyse
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