Buy an Xbox One S and get a free game of your choice

One last Xbone One S push before the holidays

If you thought about buying this year, the Xbox One S sales this week may be worth pushing up your purchase ahead of schedule. Microsoft is putting the pedal to the metal on its Xbox One S promotion by offering a free game of your choice whenever you buy the new console. For pre-holiday sales, these are solid.

We’ve broken down the deals below by retailers. If nothing below strikes your fancy, you can also browse through the best Xbox One S list here.

Microsoft Store

The Microsoft Store is tossing in a free copy of Ubisoft’s The Crew on select Xbox One S console bundles and a free game of your choice. The free game of choice is from a list of 19 games and has some decent picks such as the recently released ReCore and The BioShock Collection. Those in the market for the Xbox One S 1TB Madden NFL 17 bundle or Xbox One S Halo Collection bundles should pick them up from Microsoft, as the two-game bonus is the best overall deal.


Within the similar promotion, there is a competing offer to Microsoft Store that should turn some heads. GameStop has the brand new Xbox One S Minecraft bundle with a free bonus game of your choice. ANY in-stock physical game from their entire library priced $59.99 or less is free when you buy an Xbox One S or even an Xbox One console through GameStop. Note, that you’ll need to add the console and the game of your choice to cart separately (once both are in cart the game shows up as free).

We’ve looked through Xbox One consoles offered at GameStop and came up with all the best pick above. If you want to buy an Xbox One S, go with the Minecraft bundle since this offer from GameStop is the best (and only) offer on the web for it.

As for a plain old Xbox One console, GameStop has some pretty good options. The old Gears of Wars Ultimate Edition bundle is offered with a bonus game such as Forza Motorsport 6, at the discount price of $229.99, plus the aforementioned free game of choice.


Last to mention is Walmart. It has the Xbox One S 1TB Madden NFL 17 bundle with a free game of your choice from a list of nine and a bonus controller for $349. Note that the free game options aren’t as good as the aforementioned deals from GameStop or Microsoft, but with a free controller as an additional bonus, it’s a worthy pick to consider.

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