Bushnell: No one over the age of eight will play DS

Nolan Bushnell is obviously a pretty important guy in the history of gaming, and recently he spoke at SEIGE 2010 where he discussed the future of gaming and the fact that Atari was going to start blowing us away in the next six months. Where is gaming going? Towards platforms like the Android, iPhone and iPad; so much so that Bushnell says that “No one over the age of 8 will be playing with their DS.”

Clearly Bushnell accidentally brought a speech from when the DS originally launched and no one had any idea it would become one of the greatest handhelds ever on the market. He also clearly missed E3 where the 3DS blew away a bunch of journalists and gamers, most of whom were over the age of eight. He then must have missed the Nintendo press conference where they announced such a wide variety of games for the 3DS from almost every developer and franchise out there that I almost wept. I can understand, having committed those three mistakes, why he would say such a thing.

To be fair (because that’s what we’re all about), it’s obvious that gaming on the platforms he mentioned is taking off in a major way, but dismissing the DS as a child’s toy makes absolutely no sense at all.

SEIGE 2010: Nolan Bushnell and The Future Of Video Games [Pure Nintendo, via Go Nintendo]

Matthew Razak