Bungie plucked its newest community manager from the Destiny subreddit

Straight from the community

The creator of the subreddit for Destiny has leveraged his message board helpfulness into a paying gig at Bungie. The Destiny developer has hired a new community manager, and it went straight to a leader in one of the game’s largest communities to do so.

In a post on Bungie’s site, Chris Shannon (known as “Cozmo23”) was introduced in his new role. “I now aim to better serve the larger Destiny community alongside those who create and maintain the game,” Shannon said.

He continued “My job is to be your voice, or at the very least your interpreter, filtering the firehose of information on Bungie.net, as well as on social media. I’ll also be empowering all of you to keep creating the great community content that we all enjoyed throughout year one.”

Shannon’s love for Bungie didn’t begin with Destiny. He explains that he’s been around since the Halo days (but apparently not as far back as the Marathon era). Shannon tells a tale many can empathize with: his love of community was spurred by late-night Halo LAN parties.

Shannon joins David Dague in the community moderation efforts. The subreddit will continue to operate with other leaders stepping up to fill the void. There’s a fair chance that Shannon will still be present on the subreddit, too; the only difference is that now he’ll be serving as a direct liaison so the developers.

Party Invite! [Bungie.net]

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