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Baka, Kawaii, Desu

[Kerrik52 took an awesome adventure to an anime store, and we’re going to take a look at what all he found! I love anime, YOU love anime, let’s weeb this joint up a little! ~ Stephen]

You know what’s great? Anime.

Adventure, comedy, bishie boys, and tits on legs, what else could you want? But you know what isn’t great? Living in a country with such a low population density that it isn’t economically viable to sustain an anime hobby store.

I’ve come accept this reality, but I was recently able to go to one of these fabled places. The Animate store at the MBK center in Bangkok, to be precise. Armed with a hopeful heart and 1200 Baht (about 34 USD or 32 Euro), I ventured inside in order to purchase whatever cheap things caught my eye. This is my story:

Things I Gawked At

At the entrance there was a bunch of cardboard waifu signs littered about, so you know I was in for a good time. They even had to put up stickers forbidding customers from touching them. Spoilsports.

Sailor Moon was there shilling her new line of cosmetics, which I felt no need to try out. My hair is already voluptuous enough to die for.

Husbando keyrings? Why the hell not?

Chris branded deckboxes are the best deckboxes. Let no one tell you otherwise.

Detective Conan had his own corner for some reason. That series won’t ever end, will it?

I can’t wait for Littlekuriboh to ”enhance” this movie.

Why would anyone want a figure of a dumpster fire clad in Arabic garb? The world sure is a strange place.

Ah, much better.

The Yaoi corner was well stocked with huge-handed pretty boys. #CatBoyThursday

The picture quality may keep you from believing me, but I swear that cylindrical pillow was adorned with the crotch of Clownpiece. Is ours the darkest timeline?

I wonder if that dweeb Flashlightman everybody loves would want some of these.

That Pokémon Minecraft mod seems to have been a hit.

And people say that 2D girls can’t love you.

Has plastic fire ever made something look cool? Like, ever?



All this brings to mind is the bullshit Vermillion boss from Lord of Arcana.

So that’s where Capcom has kept the blue bomber locked up. In a 1990 baht cage.

There are some things in this world a man is not supposed to google.

Who needs the Avengers when you have this dream team?

Heads up, Mami is on display!

Well, look who’s gotten popular.

Behold! Beautiful blond babes!

I feel like there is a two years worth of baby batter joke to make here, but it’s just not cuming to me.

Anyone got a source on these bedakkad beauties?

Wakarimasen deshita.

Extra Pictures From Around The Mall

The Animate shop wasn’t the only place I perused in the mall, so here are some more interesting pictures I snapped while on the prowl. Which is funny in retrospect as I realised that photography was forbidden. Oops.

Here’s the mall’s guardian deity.

Warmachine flashed me.

Super Mario Extreme Volleyball when?

Don’t fret, with some work, a potato can be refined into potatisbullar.

Does this look like the face of mercy?

”And lo, the lord showed us the way to the promised land.”

It follows, it knows and it’s a minion of evil. Be very afraid.

What did these poor PSP games do to get this kind of treatment?

”I’ll take this popcorn, and eat it!”

Can JuIc3 confirm this? Or maybe Malika? 

”Screw the rules, I have over-sized hair!”

They even had a copy of Super Nekrodungeon Arcade HD Plus: Rebirth of Illya: Resuerection.

This store was awesome.

The Ichigo bathrobe, not so much.

Let’s play guess the butt! I see Morrigan, Dio and Pyramid Head.

This blurriness must be the work of an enemy stand!

I’ve heard weird things about Japanese Spider-Man, but he’s got nothing on Thai Batman.

I didn’t know that Weslikestacos did modeling.

Omelet Rice wasn’t as magical as it looks in anime, but it sure was great. Too bad it’s such a pain to make.

The Haul

Now let me answer the question that has haunted you since the start of the piece: What did I buy and manage to get through customs?

First up is a tiny (15x40cm) poster of Liliruca from (*Deep Breath*) Dungeon Ni Deai O Motomeru No Wa Machigatteiru No Darou Ka (Dan Machi) or, Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon, priced at a mere 75 baht (about 2.1 dollars).

She is pretty great as far as a loot hoarders are concerned. The show itself is also great. It’s like Sword Art Online, except super cute and actually worth a damn. Give it a watch, if it pleases you.

Next up is a random Digimon figure at 330 baht (9.2 dollars). Can I get me an Agumon? Or maybe a Patamon?

And my price is…

The in-training form of Gomamon? And a Pitchmon. LAAAAAAAAMEEEE!

But that wasn’t the only random thing for 330 baht I got, there was also the result of Atlus’ continued quest to flood each and every market with Persona 4 merchandise.

Cameo by my knee.

I wonder if I can get the best girl. Also, #MagicalGirlMondayAndCatBoyThursdayWomboCombo


I also got some children’s trading cards for 150 baht (4.2 dollars) per booster pack. But it wasn’t just any children’s trading cards. Remember that clever two-part foreshadowing from before?

Tada! Symphogear trading cards!

Let’s open them up and see what secrets lie therein.

A cynical man would cry out at these cards for being made from simple screenshots, but I don’t care. I’ve wanted some Symphogear merchandise for a while and this is the best I can manage without importing some rare figures. (If anyone feels weighed down by something of this nature, you know who to contact.)

I realize that I have no idea how to play this game, but it can’t be worse than Yu-Gi-Oh. Nothing is worse than Yu-Gi-Oh.

Wait a minute…

Score! This Hibiki card almost made the face-melting heat of Thailand worth it. Almost.

This calls for another awesome GIF.

But that’s it. As much as I like buying random swag, I like buying games more. Still, not the worst way to spend an afternoon and 30 bucks. Now leave me alone and go watch some Symphogear.

Also cocks.

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