Borderlands on PC Gamer cover … just … holy sh*t, son!

Gearbox Software has just sent over the cover of PC Gamer, where Borderlands is going to be enjoying a blowout of new information, especially regarding the dramatic shift in art style that was one of yesterday’s hottest topics. According to Gearbox, the cover image is from an in-game screenshot. Go look at it. Yes, that’s supposed to be in-game.

Now you can see why they didn’t want to just call it “cel-shading.”

If what Gearbox tells us is true, then we are potentially looking at one of the most beautiful games this generation. Again, I must comment the studio on its genius here. Within 24 hours, Borderlands went from a game that only a handful of people cared about to one of the most amazing looking titles out here … potentially, at least. 

We’ll have to see the game in action to fully judge this new look, but right now I am seriously impressed. I cannot wait to get my hands on this thing and see if it plays as good as it looks. This is going straight into my “must watch” pile.

Jim Sterling