Beyond Good & Evil 2, I Am Alive, still in development

If you think Ubisoft had abandoned two of its more unique IPs so that it could dedicate an entire team to delaying Splinter Cell: Conviction, then think again. Ubisoft has confirmed that the long-awaited Beyond Good & Evil 2 and the game known only in concept form, I Am Alive, are both still in production. 

Geoffroy Sardin, CEO of Ubisoft France could not give any details on the two games, he merely stated that “they are still in production” when asked. Considering both games seemed highly unlikely to ever see the light of day, it’s still a step up from previous circumstances. 

The last time we heard about Beyond Good & Evil 2, it was allegedly “on hold” until further notice. Before that, an Ubisoft executive tried to deny all knowledge of the title. As far as I Am Alive goes … well … who the f*ck cares about that game? Until Ubisoft give us more than a few shreds of ideas, at any rate. 

Ubisoft’s allergy to BG&E is concerning. No idea why the publisher just doesn’t sell the IP to somebody else if it’s so distraught by the idea of publishing another one.

Interview record 2009: Ubisoft [Gamekult via VG247]

Jim Sterling